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Weight: 2 kg, 500 grams
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1. 253.7nm wavelength UV lamp
disinfects bedding from parastic mites and various tavteria.

2. The powerful 600W motor
Can reach dirt from deep crevasses

3. Rolling Brush
Rotating 3600 times perminute, the rolling brush removes

4. Water Washable HEPA filter
Usually only available for larger vacuum cleaners, the HEPA filters particles as small as 0.2 microns in diameter.
5. Cyclone vacuum system with a large transparent dust bin
Cyclone system automatically seperated larger debris and dust. The 570cc larger transparent dust bin gathers a large amount if debris and allows you to determine when to empty it without ever having to open up the bin

6. Sub Vacuum hose
allows for cleaning in narrow spaces. You can clean difficult to clean narrow spaces like between sofa cushions, and window frames without any seperate device.

7. Soundproof System
The powerful 600W motor with its patented low noise design minimizes noise.

8. Various cleaning mode
Choose with ease from one four cleaning modes.