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FastBrush 4-Stage Cleaning

HOBOT's LEGEE 669 4 IN 1 Robot with four functions such as vacuuming, wiping, spraying, and mopping.
LEGEE is a good helper to all housewives.
It applies the wiping technique of manual simulation.
Take a look at the blue brush cloth at the bottom.
The speed of wiping, which is 600 times per minute,repetitive, back and forth, is unbelievably amazing!
We denominate this sort of patented technology the Fastbrush 4-stage cleaning.
It is also the pioneer of this four-in-one, synchronous technique in the field.

There are four steps for sweeping and cleaning up:
Step 1:While the side brush is brushing in the hair,
the suction mouth in the front is vacuuming simultaneously.
It sucks in lightweight dirt and hair.
Step 2:The brush cloth in the front will accomplish the errand of dry brush, rubbing off the resilient stains.
Step 3:Intellectual water spray, reinforcing the function of softening the tough stains.
Step 4:To erase dirty marks with ease.
The floor will become smooth and bright without any thin dust and hair.

Game changer-2 in 1 Magic Mopping

Dry Mopping + Wet Mopping

HOBOT Exclusive Patent License

LEGEE® Smart Navigation Technology
The intelligence navigation technology exclusively exploited by LEGEE.
It carries out the navigation through the three long lasers in the front.
It is totally different from the usual random type, and those image-positioning types that may automatically get lost once the light is off.

Water Control with Temperature Sensor

Al smart spray (Based on temperature, area)
We decide to strictly control the function of LEGEE's water spray.
The amount is controlled basically in accordance with the temperature, evaporation rate of water, and the sweep-out area.
It is expected that the minimum amount of water is left after mopping, indicating the optimum performance.

Non-slipping ability

A sweeping and mopping robot has to tread normally on a wet floor, the anti-skidding mechanism becomes extremely important.
In terms of the common wheel in round shape, it is almost inevitable for a machine to slip once it runs into a wet floor.
It might even stop moving if a great amount of water is on the floor.
As a result, HOBOT decide to adopt tracked wheel for solving the problem.
Just like a tank that is able to walk freely on a wetland.