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Weight: 4 kg, 100 grams
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A Better Floor Cleaning Solution

Traditional mops don't clean effectively, they simply transfer the dirt accumulated in the water bucket back onto the floor. Mops often retain bacteria and germs, they are hard to clean and can emit a fowl odour with age. The IMAXX Steam Mop leaves floors hygienically clean, streak free and chemical free.

Saves Money 

The IMAXX Steam Mop saves you money as there is no need to buy expensive floor cleaning detergents, even mops and buckets become a thing of the past!


No Need to Rinse Floors

Floors do not need to be rinsed with clear water since chemical residues, that leave floors dull and streaky, areeliminated. 

No Need to Dry Floors

The IMAXX Steam Mop produces drier steam that does not leave floors soaked with water. Floors dry quicker with dry steam.

A Family Friendly Product

Floors with chemical residues can be potentially harmful to children or toddlers who play and crawl on floors. Their sensitive skin can have allergy reactions to the detergents used.

Environmentally Friendly

No dangerous detergents are poured into drains polluting precious waterways. The IMAXX Steam Mop is also water wise, less water is consumedduring floor cleaning.

What floors can be steam washed?

The IMAXX Steam Mop is suitable for washing all non-porous floor surfaces including:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Vitrified tiles
  • Sealed timber floors
  • Vinyl or linoleum
  • Floating floor boards
  • Marble floors

*The IMAXX Steam Mop is not suitable for unsealed timber floors and floors with temporary oils, waxes, polishes or temporary sealants.

Refreshes Carpets Too!

The IMAXX Steam Mop includes a bonus carpet sledge which attaches to the base of the mop to refresh and deodorise carpets or area rugs.



Water Capacity                       : 600 ml

Stainless Steel Boiler

Pressure (bars)                        :3.5

Power                                       : 240V, 1200W

Cable length                            : 7 meters

Heating Time                           : 3 minutes

Usage time before refilling   : about 20 minutes

Weight                                     : 4.1 kg

Dimensions (cm)                    :37 x 17 x 62

What comes with the product?

2 x hard surface microfiber cloth pads

1 x carpet microfiber cloth pad

1 x carpet sledge

1 x parking pad

1 x filler cup

1 x instruction manual

1 x product registration card

1 x warranty information sheet